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The Cloudzy Story

The Cloudzy story begins with the mind and passion of a young entrepreneur. Researching and analyzing the business potentials of Virtual Private Servers, Hannan used his knowledge and skill in Virtual Machine technology to start a business. He started RouterHosting in 2008, aiming to make VPS hosting and Remote Desktop connections easy and affordable for everyone.


Like other companies, RouterHosting started small, with just one server location. But moving with a singular focus, it soon grew beyond our expectations. In 2012, we extended our services to 15 data centers around the world. Everything started to scale and in 2018, we had 10k satisfied customers. In 2020 we were offering simple but practical VPS hosting solutions at 15+ global locations on three continents.

Late 2021 has been a turning point in our story. In anticipation of the upcoming changes to our infrastructure and cloud-based products, RouterHosting has started to evolve. The first step in our journey has been taken by our rebranding to Cloudzy. Continue to watch our story unfold as we take Cloudzy to new levels.

After countless hours of research and to further satisfy its customers and bring new values to the table, Cloudzy decided that it is time for a big change. This is why in 2022, Cloudzy redesigned its website and launched a new product, the Cloud.

Who is the Owner of Cloudzy?

Hannan Nozari is the owner and CEO of Cloudzy. Under the visionary leadership of Hannan, Cloudzy emerged from RouterHosting's humble beginning in 2008. As the owner of Cloudzy, Hannan's expertise in Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Machines technology fueled the company's growth, expanding from a single server location to 15 global data centers by 2012, with 10,000 satisfied customers by 2018. In late 2021, the company rebranded as Cloudzy, signaling a transformative phase. In 2022, Cloudzy unveiled 'the Cloud,' showcasing Hannan's unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction as the journey continues.

Why You Should Buy VPS from Cloudzy?

Choosing a VPS hosting provider is never easy. A lot of our clients have switched providers two or three times before they gave us a chance. Some providers advertise features they don’t actually deliver, and others will offer low-performance servers just to keep their prices on the cheap end. Cloudzy, however, is committed to providing high-performance VPS hosting with decent quality at reasonable prices. We have more than ten thousand satisfied and returning customers and stellar reviews. Plus, you can always ask for a full refund with our 7-day money-back guarantee when you buy VPS from Cloudzy.

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