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We’ll Build the Infrastructure, You Build the Business Our DevOps as a Service solution helps businesses like yours focus on what matters most—your projects. Leave operational DevOps tasks in the hands of our experts and create the best digital product ever!

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DevOps as a Service with Cloudzy

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At Cloudzy, we believe in the power of a solid infrastructure to launch and manage a successful product. Although it is the core of all your digital products, managing DevOps tasks requires a team of expensive human resources, which involves struggles like team management, cost, and flexibility limitations. We take that burden off your shoulders! Cloudzy offers businesses the chance to focus on their product development by providing DevOps services and solutions. Our DevOps as a Service solution is a carefully curated combination of everything businesses need, from CI/CD automation to platform security.

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DevOps Services and Solutions

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Automation Configuration

Streamline workflows and reduce manual errors by automating repetitive tasks and configurations.

Infrastructure Improvement and Optimization

Improve infrastructure performance by implementing optimizations such as load balancer, kernel tuning and hardening, database optimization, and so on.

CI/CD Setup and Pipeline Improvements

Automate code integration, testing, and deployment processes by setting up CI/CD pipelines and optimizing build processes, enhancing test coverage, and simplifying deployment workflows.

Comprehensive Service Monitoring Implementation

Improve system uptime and user satisfaction by implementing monitoring solutions and tracking key metrics, detecting anomalies, and generating alerts for timely intervention.

Big Data Stack and Flow Implementation

Derive valuable insights by implementing and optimizing big data stacks, vital for processing and analyzing large data volumes efficiently.

Security Check

Improve IT systems and applications security by conducting comprehensive security assessments, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing security best practices.

DevOps as a Service — What Happens When You Apply

The application process to Cloudzy’s DevOps as a Service is summarized in the steps below. Our DevOps experts will be with you throughout the process to ensure you get the services ideal for your business.

Fill Out Form

You first need to click on the button below and fill out our initial form. This form will give us an overall idea of your business and DevOps requirements

DevOps Consultation

We will contact you via email or set up a meeting to discuss your requirements and DevOps roadmap.

Service Initiation

Our team will get back to you with a detailed plan of DevOps solutions and services. Once approved, we will initiate the integration process.

DevOps Solutions and Services FAQ