Sunrise — Cloudzy’s Startup Program

Up to $10,000 Credit Value for Startups

With Cloudzy’s Sunrise, startups will be awarded top-notch infrastructure and outstanding DevOps consultancy services for free. Boost your startup growth with Cloudzy’s startup program and get services up to $10,000 value!

941,600Created VPS
15Years Experience
$10,000Credit Bonus
24/7Online Support

How Sunrise Helps Startups!

Cloudzy started as a startup and bloomed into a company trusted by thousands of customers. Throughout our journey, we identified setbacks that most startups struggle with. Now, our Sunrise program is a way to help startups boost their growth.

By joining Sunrise, your startup will eliminate infrastructure budgetary concerns during seed and early stages and gain access to free DevOps consultancy services from experts who will collaborate closely with your teams to ensure you receive top-tier cloud infrastructure services.

Jump on board with Sunrise and enjoy infrastructure credits, DevOps consulting and implementation services, and enterprise-level support.

How Sunrise Helps Startups

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$8,000 One-Year Cloud VPS Credit

Startups are granted $8,000 in credit to use Cloudzy’s infrastructure services for the complete first year.

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30% Cloud VPS Second-Year Rebate

Cloudzy offers a 30% rebate on purchasing cloud VPS for startups upon entering their second year with Cloudzy.


24 Hours Free DevOps Consultation

Startups can benefit from expert-level DevOps consultancy services for 24 hours for free during their first year.


24/7 Prioritized Support

Cloudzy’s enterprise-level support team will always respond to startup tickets with the highest priority.

Wanna be A Member of the Successful Startup Party? Join Sunrise!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create a successful future. Apply now and take advantage of all the benfits of growing Cloudzy!

How to Rise with Sunrise

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Does Your Startup Qualify for Sunrise?

Have a company website and an email address associated with the company website.

Be founded within the last 5 years.

Have a verification email or partner letter demonstrating affiliation with an accelerator, incubator, or VC firm.

Bootstrapped startups can apply by having a defined business plan or pitch deck.


What is The SUNRISE (Cloudzy startup program), and who is it designed for?

The SUNRISE is designed to support seed and early-stage startups looking to leverage Cloudzy products and services. It provides resources and benefits tailored to help startups grow and succeed in their cloud journey.

What do I get with the $8,000 cloud VPS credit in the first year?

How does the 30% rebate for Cloud VPS purchases in the second year work?

What is included in the 24 Hours Free DevOps Consulting Services in the first year?

Is the Free 24/7/365 Business Level Customer Support available throughout the program?

How can I apply for the program?

How does the credit allocation work for the first year of the program?

Can I request a specific credit amount in the first year, or is it automatically determined?

Can I increase my credit allocation in the first year if my startup's needs grow?

What factors are considered when determining the credit allocation in the first year?