Introducing New Data Centers

Cloudzy is Expanding with Las Vegas Data Centers

July 24, 2023

Following our commitment to globalizing our Cloud VPS services, we are now available in Las Vegas. Our goal is to provide services to all individuals who need a presence in the States — no matter the location.

Our new data center in Las Vegas provides high-quality Cloud VPS with 99.95% uptime, 10 Gbps network connection, and minimum latency. Individuals and companies looking for servers in Nevada can now experience high-end technology at the most affordable prices.

We work hard to ensure our services are of high quality and cost-effective at the same time. That’s why we also implement our PAYG method in the Las Vegas data center. Our clients can enjoy within-budget prices while ditching the monthly plans and paying only for existing Cloud VMs as long as they need them.

Applicable to the Las Vegas data center clients, our panel allows Cloud VPS users the opportunity to manage credit balance and active Cloud virtual private servers in an intuitively designed, easy-to-use environment. Network bandwidth can also be tracked, paid, and used with the PAYG pricing model.

We are spreading our services across the globe by adding top-notch data centers. Stay tuned to learn about our upcoming services and locations.

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