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best proxy for instagram

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best proxy for instagram
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While in recent years, major communications and social media platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram have moved towards greater implementation of in-app support for their respective platforms, Instagram is notably left behind. This is surprising as WhatsApp, which is also a subsidy of Meta just like Instagram, received its support for in-app proxies late last year. Despite this, the utility that an Instagram proxy provides is too much to be overlooked, even if the app itself is yet to implement in-app support for it.

So in this blog post, we will jump into the subject of Instagram proxies and explore its basic definitions, such as what it is and why you should use it, before going on to evaluate your best options as part of a detailed top 10 list. Let’s get to it!

What Is an Instagram Proxy?

An Instagram proxy, like other proxies, acts as a middleman between a user’s local connection and their target website. In simple terms, when a user sends a request, it goes to their chosen proxy server first. This server then sends the request to the target website. When the website replies, the proxy gets the response and passes it back to the user. So, instead of directly interacting with websites, the user’s online presence appears as if it’s coming from the proxy server they’ve selected.

In essence, an Instagram proxy is just like a normal proxy, with certain tweaks and modifications done to it in order to make sure that it responds better to Instagram-related destinations.

Why Use an Instagram Proxy?

Apart from privacy reasons, other reasons may compel a user to use an Instagram proxy. These motives share a lot with the reasons that users often use for their Twitter proxies: better access to localized online ad targets and trends. Let’s cover all of these reasons in more depth.

Effective Account Management

For individuals or businesses juggling an array of Instagram accounts, the strategic utilization of proxies is invaluable. You can assign each account to a distinct proxy server. This segregation shields accounts from being perceived as interconnected and reduces the likelihood of suspicious activity flags. This way your account management becomes smoother, and the risk of suspension due to algorithmic confusion decreases. Proxies offer a dynamic solution for those seeking a controlled and secure environment to manage multiple accounts seamlessly.

Efficient Data Gathering

Instagram proxies hold a significant role in the realm of data harvesting. With the capacity to rotate through various proxies, you can systematically extract insights without arousing suspicion. This process, known as data scraping, enables businesses to gather essential information such as engagement metrics, user preferences, and emerging trends. Armed with these insights, companies can fine-tune their strategies, enhance customer engagement, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Geo-Targeted Marketing

Instagram proxies empower influencers and marketers with a virtual lens into different regions. By simulating access from various geographical locations, you can dissect audience behavior, preferences, and cultural nuances. This granularity equips you to create content and design campaigns that resonate deeply with specific demographics. Whether you’re promoting products, services, or personal branding, proxies allow you to bridge geographical gaps and connect authentically with diverse audiences, yielding more impactful engagement and fostering a sense of global relevance.

Top Ten Best Instagram Proxy Options in 2023

Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter and rank the best Instagram proxies for you in 2023. While many people often mistake an Instagram proxy for an Instagram VPN, technically, the latter is not a real thing. So for the purposes of giving you the ultimate free hand in picking the best Instagram proxy, this list will only contain proxy options! Let’s begin.


Netnut Instagram Proxy

NetNut is one of the best proxies for Instagram that you can go for in 2023 simply by virtue of its sheer number of supported IP addresses as well as diverse service packs. Right out of the gate, you get the choice between residential, data center, and mobile proxy options. With these different packages, you can easily set yourself up for the use case you have in mind.

All IP addresses offered on NetNut are static, bringing greater security and decreasing the chance of Instagram detecting your data scraping operation. If you plan to run several different data scraping and geo-specific ad campaigns, then don’t worry! NetNut also supports rotating residential IPs as part of its packages. The pricing for a residential proxy which is ideal for use as an Instagram proxy, starts at $15 per GB per month.

Private Proxy 

Private Proxy Instagram Proxy

NetNut is a jack of all trades, but if you really want to take your data scraping operation on Instagram to the next level, then Private Proxy is here to save the day. As part of their residential proxy packages, Private Proxy also has on the offer the elusive Instagram Script sub-service. This script, implemented as part of the base code of your proxy, is tailor-made for use as part of an Instagram data scraping operation. To that end, it has the means to automate the tasks related to the subject, including automated scraping and automated task parsing.

As we all know, data scraping has huge potential in marketing, and the yields are great. Sadly, The folks at Private Proxy also know this, and since their package is specialized for this goal, then the pricing is likewise higher compared to a normal Instagram proxy. A rotating residential proxy specialized for scraping can cost up to $150 a month. However, on the other side of the coin, their standard proxy is priced at just $5 per month, and there is even a free trial!


Infatica Instagram Proxy

The next proxy for Instagram that made the list is Infatica. Much like the other entries before it, Infatica also offers a specialized Instagram proxy package featuring a residential structure. Infatica also offers two unique features that qualify it for a place on this list. First, you get access to a special dashboard designed to facilitate your proxy management as part of your purchase. Secondly, for increased security, you can implement an IP list of your desire as the only authorized device that can access your proxy. This way, apart from your username/password, you have an unbreakable layer of online security. And, of course, proxy rotation is also included should you need it.

If Infatica proves to be worth a shot for you, then you can start with a free trial. Once it expires, the pricing is quite convenient at $9.99 per GB per month.


Metrow Instagram Proxy

Metrow is another great Instagram proxy described as being capable of going toe to toe with the best Instagram VPN options. For starters, Metrow retains the positives we have mentioned for other candidates so far, including IP list authentication and rotating management. However, it puts its own unique spin on things by introducing ASN targeting.

A lot of times, when you are using proxies and performing other acts that can be flagged as suspicious for Instagram, your ASN (Autonomous System Number) is blocked. This means that you can no longer access the destination. ASN-targeted proxies will allow you a second avenue of access if you are already blocked. Metrow does not offer a free trial, but the pricing is fair at $10 per GB per month.


IPBurger Instagram Proxy

With over 5 million residential IP addresses on the offer as part of their Instagram proxy package, IPBurger is another one fit for all options for users who either want to bypass internet restrictions or look to data scrap on a major scale. IPBurger leaves no room for improvement when it comes to special features on its package. In order to facilitate access, IPBurger has its own browser extension. furthermore, their Instagram proxy also comes with special base-code integration for use on Instagram. These features include rotating IP addresses, a session control panel, and even the rather rare ASN-targeted proxies.

IPBurger offers one of the most diverse sets of features on its Instagram proxy package, however, this vast array of use cases comes at the cost of an unusual pricing structure. There is no free trial, and the prices start at $69 per GB per month.


Proxyempire Instagram Proxy

If you want to establish a beginner-level data scrapping operation on a budget, then ProxyEmpire is here for you. The most important feature of ProxyEmpire is its innate compatibility with different Instagram bots that are used to scrap data. This support is enabled on all of their proxy plans, including data center, residential and mobile proxies. All manner of IP address packaging is also available, including rotating, dedicated, and static IP addresses. While ProxyEmpire can also be used for bypassing restrictions, keep in mind that the main focus point of this provider is establishing a quick scrapping operation for cheap.

ProxyEmpire is quite friendly regarding prices. You get a free trial at the beginning, and the pricing starts at $15 per GB per month for residential plans and $30 per GB per month for mobile IP plans.


MarsProxies Instagram Proxy

With a focus on the EU market, MarsProxies delivers proxies of remarkable reliability, enabling you to circumvent Instagram’s limitations and restrictions while ensuring the security of your account. With an extensive network of over 550,000 unblocked IP addresses dispersed across 200 global locations. At the core of their service are residential proxies sourced from authentic residential users and ISPs. These proxies render your Instagram bot virtually indistinguishable from legitimate users, granting you the freedom to automate tasks on the platform without the looming threat of blocks. This capability further facilitates effortless management of multiple Instagram accounts, all the while maintaining security.

Enhanced security features encompass SOCKS5 support and dual authentication, bolstering the protective shield around the proxies. While these proxies are rotating, they also allow you to select persistent sessions via the user-friendly dashboard. Impressively, they boast a 99.99% uptime. Regarding pricing, MarsProxies presently stands as one of the most cost-efficient options, with plans starting as low as $3.8 per GB per month.

High Proxies

High Proxies Instagram Proxy

High Proxies, contrary to most of the other options on the list, focuses on making Instagram accessible to restricted regions as opposed to focusing on data scrapping operations. In this regard, it more resembles a so-called “Instagram VPN.” All plans are designed to crack through restrictions and cover your online footprint through advanced procedures such as HHTP/HTTPS implementation, dedicated IP addresses, and 256-bit encryption.

Despite their lack of focus on scrapping proxies and bot integration, you can even use their proxy for this purpose, provided you do some technical tweaking. This is because the prices are extremely low, with “social media proxy” packages starting at just $2.99 per GB per month. You even get 24/7 support as part of your purchase!

Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies Instagram Proxy

Storm Proxies emerges as an excellent choice for procuring your Instagram proxies, as they pledge an array of rotating proxies and dedicated private options. They assure swift access immediately following payment, boasting an expansive pool of over 200 thousand proxies, ensuring seamless Instagram growth. When it comes to velocity and top-notch performance, Storm Proxies stands as a reliable contender, delivering commendable speed.

The best part about Storm Proxies is their unlimited bandwidth structure that allows you to make a one-time payment for a month of unlimited bandwidth on your rotating and residential IP proxies. These elite packages start at $50 per month, featuring unlimited traffic. You will also get a 24-hour money-back guarantee and 24/7 support with Storm Proxies!

Self-Hosted Instagram Proxy

Although there’s no such thing as the best VPN for Instagram, you can still experience the best proxy for Instagram. If you have previously used pre-arranged packages from established providers and did not find an Instagram proxy that can match your expectations, you can make your own customized proxy server. While most users find their match from the established options, some users have extraordinary expectations that can only be satisfied by taking the reigns themselves. A self-hosted Instagram proxy is a server purchased for much lower than the average Instagram proxy and then technically made into a proxy server suitable for Instagram use.

A virtual private server is an ideal structure for this purpose. Cloudzy offers some of the best, state-of-the-art VPS servers in the world, with over 15 locations, ironclad security to keep you safe, and flexible payment means and billing. Starting at just $4.95, a Linux VPS of your choice will be deployed immediately for you to make the ideal Instagram proxy out of!

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To make sure that you make the correct proxy Instagram choice, we explored the basic definitions, such as what it is and what benefits it brings. Then we explored different providers, each with their respective strengths, capable of taking care of your privacy, and data scraping needs. A self-hosted Instagram proxy also acts as a great alternative if established proxy providers fail to impress you.

Regardless of your choice, may the option you opted for act as a reliable reach extender for your Instagram reach!


How do rotating proxies help with Instagram activities?

Rotating proxies automatically change your IP address at intervals. This prevents Instagram from detecting suspicious activity due to consistent behavior from a single IP, making them ideal for data scraping, automated tasks, and maintaining a low profile.

Can Instagram proxies prevent my account from getting blocked?

While proxies can help reduce the risk of blocks by rotating IP addresses, responsible usage is crucial. Excessive or aggressive actions, even through proxies, can still trigger Instagram’s security measures. Adhering to platform guidelines is essential.

Are all proxies suitable for Instagram?

Not all proxies are suitable for Instagram. Residential proxies are often preferable, as they use IP addresses associated with real residential users, making interactions appear more genuine. Make sure to choose proxies specifically designed for Instagram usage.

Can I use free proxies for Instagram?

While free proxies are available, they come with risks like unreliable connections, slower speeds, and potential security vulnerabilities. It’s advisable to invest in reputable paid proxy services that offer better performance and protection.

Is proxy usage legal on Instagram?

Using proxies on Instagram itself is not inherently illegal. However, it’s essential to abide by Instagram’s terms of use and applicable laws while using proxies. Proxies should be used responsibly and ethically to avoid any potential legal issues.

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