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best minecraft pixelmon servers

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best minecraft pixelmon servers
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Minecraft is one of, if not the most popular video games of all time. Throughout the years, popular video games have, in turn, led to the creation of many mods that subsequently either become popular in their own right or even standalone games. Some of the most notable examples of this phenomenon are games like Counter-Strike, and Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota2). Counter-Strike was a mod for Half-Life, and the original Dota was a mod for the legendary Warcraft III. Both of these mods and their development teams were hired by Valve and now serve as the flagship titles of the video game giants. Minecraft also has worked in line with this trend, leading to the creation of many successful mods, including the subject of today’s article, Pixelmon. In this article, I will introduce the top five best Pixelmon server options for you.

But before getting to that, let’s quickly cover what Pixelmon Minecraft is and why it is so popular. Stick around after our list of best Pixelmon servers and Pixelmon Minecraft server ips for a bonus tip on self-hosting your own Pixelmon server. Let’s go.

What is Pixelmon?

Pixelmon is an extended gameplay overhaul mod released for Minecraft. Originally released in 2013, it has since grown to become one of the most popular total gameplay overhaul mods for the legendary video game. As a mod, Pixelmon Minecraft adds a huge number of mob entities to the game. As the name of the mod implies, these mobs are from the hugely popular Pokemon universe. The best way that the gameplay experience of the mod can be described is as an open-world Pokemon game

The different classes of Pokemon are distributed based on their class across the different biomes that Minecraft has to offer. The player is free to explore the world and fight other players, and, more importantly, the Pokemon mobs that can be defeated and captured in the iconic Pokeballs. The captured Pokemon can then be released from the Pokeballs to aid the player in combat. 

As a whole, it’s not difficult to see why the mod proved such a major success. While there are several games released to date based on the Pokemon universe, there has never been a true Pokemon open-world experience, and Pixelmon Minecraft offers just that.

Why is Pixelmon Popular?

At its peak, Pixelmon had over 15000 active concurrent players, with famous servers averaging around 500 players per server. This number easily goes toe to toe with some of the mid-level multiplayer games on Steam. But why is Pixelmon so popular? The answer is simple. Pokemon is one of the most popular anime series and franchises in history. At the same time, Minecraft represents a revolutionary video game that has its own massive player base. Here’s the catch, Most of the Minecraft player base happens to be from the same demographic that used to watch Pokemon as children. 

Naturally, Minecraft Pixelmon was destined to be successful from the get-go. But the overlap between these two famous franchises is not all that makes Pixelmon exciting. The mod is genuinely well-designed and well-made. It offers an incredible multiplayer experience, rich with tons of added content, and a great leveling system and item hierarchy.

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Pixelmon Shut Down: The End for Open-World Pokemon Experience?

Despite its massive popularity and large active player base, the original mod that was developed for Minecraft was shut down in mid-2017. The end of active development and support for the mod was announced in its official subsection on the Minecraft forums. The news came as a shock since the mod had managed to spread far and wide with many dedicated servers and even had a successful monetization strategy. 

Make Money on Minecraft - Minecraft Server Cost & Requirements

Soon it was revealed that the main reason behind the mod shutting down was the Pokemon Company issuing a cease and desist order on the mod based on what was interpreted as copyright infringement. Rather than risk getting into a legal dispute with a multi-million dollar company, the developers shut down the mod. 

However, the good news is that while the official development has ceased since 2017, unofficial development and fork projects for Pixelmon Minecraft are plenty. The mod itself has reached a reasonable level of development; This means that even the servers that run the last official release of the mod, as opposed to fork projects, offer a really fun open-world Pokemon experience.

Top 5 Best Pixelmon Servers

Finally, it’s time to rank the top five best Pixelmon server cases. Generally, there are three metrics used to determine the quality Pixelmon Minecraft server. These are the active concurrent player base, paid features, and connection facilities. The best Pixelmon server options ranked in this section are in no particular order, and you can use any of them knowing that you will enjoy a great multiplayer gameplay experience.

  • Pokeland

Our first entry in the list of the best Minecraft Pixelmon server options is the appropriately named Pokeland. Pokeland is notable mainly due to the fact that it takes the vanilla experience offered by Pixelmon and takes it to a whole new level by adding innovative features of its own. It adds its own custom Pokemon world, filled with the default mobs of the Pixelmon world, as well as additional mobs added by the server itself. Can’t find your fave Pokemon? No problem. The server has its own shop where you can buy any Pokemon you like, as well as upgrades for your existing Pokemon.

The Pokeland server is accessible at Remember you need to download its own Pixelmon Modpack.

  • SoulPixel Network

Hosted in Spain, SoulPixel offers a very good connection and ping with players from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Players from North American East Coast also get a decent ping as well. SoulPixel does not add much to the default version of Pixelmon Minecraft. However, it does offer gameplay in three distinct categories of Silver, Gold, and Showdown. 

However, do be mindful of the fact that the server is operated in the Spanish language. So it is not the best option for anglophone gamers. Still, the server’s excellent performance and great moderation make it the best Pixelmon server for the Spanish-speaking world.

The SoulPixel server is accessible with the following address: It does not require additional resource downloads other than a matching version of Pixelmon Minecraft.

  • Pixelmon Realms

Named after the official Minecraft Realms in order to reflect the all-encompassing experience it offers, Pixelmon Realms is definitely one of the best Minecraft Pixelmon Server options. It offers a massive world with different sections, each with its own special Pokemon. It has a roster of 800 interactable Pokemons. There are also a number of Boss Pokemons around the map that can only be acquired by being defeated in combat. 

The server also offers quests and a ton of new recipes that you can use to craft unique items with unique use cases.

The Pixelmon Realms server is accessible at: It also needs a modpack to be downloaded.

  • Complex Gaming

Complex goes beyond just being a Pixelmon Minecraft server. It is a server collection that hosts Minecraft and a variety of the most popular mods for the game, including Pixelmon. With that said, in recent years Complex gaming has won itself a reputation as one of the best Pixelmon servers. Furthermore, it is one of the only Pixelmon servers that allows you to play on Minecraft version 1.18 and later, which prevents compatibility issues and constant version switching.

Switching between different game modes is easy as a breeze, and you can easily switch from Pixelmon to other game types for a nice break. You will need the Complex Gaming Pixelmon modpack, and the server is accessible at

  • Pixelmon to Go

Pixelmon to go is another server that has no additional requirements for playing other than the installation of a matching version of Pixelmon Minecraft. Once done, you will immediately be deployed into a massive world featuring all the Pokemon mobs featured in the original release as well as additional game modes and unique open-world quests.

Pixelmon to Go is designed specifically to make Pixelmon easily accessible without much need for additional server-specific downloads and version configuration. It is also the server with the closest experience to the original Pixelmon mod. Last but not least, it offers a great connection experience with most regions of the world and also has a custom UI and its own launcher.Pixelmon to go can be accessed from the following address:

Game Version in Pixelmon

One of the most important factors when it comes to playing multiplayer versions of famous mods is the matter of game version and compatibility. Since Pixelmon was discontinued from 2017 onwards, you will need to downscale your Minecraft version to 1.12.2. This, however, is only the case if you want to use the latest official release.

As you saw already, a lot of the best Pixelmon server options come with their own modpacks. These modpacks are usually alterations and additional features that are attached to the original Pixelmon version. So it’s best to check which version of Minecraft is supported with any of the servers before trying different Pixelmon servers IP variations.

An Alternative Option: Self-Hosting Pixelmon

Playing on public Pixelmon servers is definitely the best window for experiencing this incredible mod firsthand. However, there are some players who prefer to have greater control over their multiplayer gaming experience. This largely comes down to two factors. First are the players who want to further mod the server with additional content and cosmetic mods. And the second factor is about the players who want to play Pixelmon privately

Much like other third-party gaming products, the Pixelmon mod can also be self-hosted on a private dedicated server or VPS. All that you need is a single server, onboarded and configured with Pixelmon Minecraft. You need to also ensure that the server you chose meets the RAM requirements for a Minecraft server.

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What is Pixelmon Reforged?

Pixelmon Reforged is a fork of the original Pixelmon mod that was discontinued in 2017. It offers the same base code and experience, but it is also supported actively and is in active development.

What is the Best Pixelmon Reforged Server?

Pixelmon to Go, Complex Gaming, Pixelmon Realms, Pokeland, and Soulpixel Network are great options. But if you want a private server with your own modifications, then a self-hosted Game server will be the best Pixelmon server for you.

How to Make a Pixelmon Server?

You are going to need a private dedicated server or maybe a Cloud VPS. Once you have this server, you can onboard the configurations for Pixelmon Minecraft on it and play online with your friends!

Can I Create a Free Pixelmon Server?

The server itself will cost money unless you make the server from your spare hardware pieces. However, the Pixelmon mod itself is free.

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