Best Windows VPS [2023 Windows Hosting Provider Ranking]

Best Windows VPS [2023 Windows Hosting Provider Ranking]
Updated on December 03, 2022
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If you need a VPS and want to take advantage of Microsoft technology, the list of best Windows 10 VPS 2023 will introduce great services you may want to check out.

There are so many different ways to host a website. The main drama of hosting a website is finding a hosting server that works just fine for you. But, what is a hosting server?

A hosting server is responsible for storing and supporting your website data, basically, “hosting” it. You can use a shared server, a VPS, or a dedicated server to host your website. I would recommend using a VPS. A virtual private server will give you the benefits of using a dedicated server at the price of a shared server.

Your next move is choosing the best Windows VPS. You have to decide what operating system to use on your server and I am mentioning Windows because it’s probably the easiest operating system to work with, specially if you are new to web hosting. Now, to use the best Windows VPS hosting for your website, there are some key factors you need to learn. Don’t worry, we will talk about them all in this blog post.

The popular question you ask when you're choosing a hosting server is which hosting is better for you? Although this issue seems to be a simple one, the task itself is very difficult due to the many variances that exist between various web hosting servers.

The VPS hosting is one specific server that you'll find very interesting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and, as the name implies, it is a virtualized server that mimics a dedicated server in the sense that it offers identical resources in a more shared environment.

If you have chosen VPS hosting for your website, it is important to thoroughly understand some of the key features that differentiate it from other hosting solutions.

After careful consideration, you should be able to clarify why you opt for VPS hosting. Here is some insightful information you need to know about VPS Hosting to help you come to a final decision.

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Get yourself an efficient Windows 10 VPS for remote desktop, at the cheapest price out there. FREE Windows 10 running on NVMe SSD storage and high-speed internet.

Get yourself an efficient Windows 10 VPS for remote desktop, at the cheapest price out there. FREE Windows 10 running on NVMe SSD storage and high-speed internet.

What's the VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server Hosting is one of a group of web hosting accounts that you can choose from to host your newly developed website and is distinguished by both dedicated and shared hosting aspects.

The basic understanding that anyone who owns a website is that a web server is always required to save your website data. Creating and maintaining a web server is as costly as it is difficult, which is why most people choose to buy hosting services from a few companies that are willing to offer them.

However not all web hosting services are the same, they are just identical when it comes to having a server to run your website. When it comes to how they are set up, the features provided, the versatility, and the level of flexibility, all of these hosting solutions are different from one another.

9 Best Mail Servers for Windows 2022


9 Best Mail Servers for Windows 2022

VPS Differences to Other Web Hosting Systems

vps vs other hosting solutions

VPS hosting is designed in such a way that you can rent an entire server for your website alone, which is very optimal, particularly if you expect high traffic. This server helps you to set up your website in a special and precise manner.

If set up in this way, your website will be hosted by a VPS server that is almost operating as a dedicated server. For different website owners who have different needs, there's a possibility that you do not want to provide all of the dedicated VPS hosting facilities, and in that case, you can rent only a portion of the entire server.

With shared hosting, you would share the server with other people, making it nearly impossible to configure your website in your preferred style.

How does VPS Hosting work?

VPS Hosting is based on technology related to that of Virtual Box or VMware. Users can run a variety of virtualized operating systems on the same computer with these programs.

Although a VPS server may have a single physical server, it can be used to run a variety of operating systems on the same server. Each of these OSs operates as a dedicated server on its own, allowing you to experience the same services of a dedicated server at a much lower cost.

Various VPS hosting services use various containers to virtualize operating systems. VPS hosting can also be unmet even though, in essence, you share bandwidth and are also subject to a policy of fair use.

What Is a Managed VPS?

One of the main drawbacks of VPS hosting is having to run your entire server environment on your own. If your virtual server is not well configured and maintained, you can face serious security risks and loss of performance.

Managed VPS hosting services have emerged on the market as a viable solution to this issue. You could think of it as an improved alternative to VPS hosting, which comes with full technical assistance.

Managed VPS is now a new trend on the market, but more and more hosting companies are providing it to their customers. They can get the server up and running according to your requirements, handle uptime and control the server, and take good care of backups and caching for managed VPS clients.

Advantages to the VPS Hosting

There are several reasons why you would choose VPS Hosting as opposed to other hosting solutions, even though each hosting has its advantages and limitations.

When you have identified what your website needs to be, you have to decide about how to use the hosting. If you want VPS hosting, here are some of the advantages you'll appreciate.

1. Scalability

Scalability refers to the ability to manage fast and increased workloads on the server, typically by using redundant machine resources. In business environments, the scalable framework is favored due to unexpected spikes in web traffic that can be checked with VPS hosting. If your company follows a jumpy strategy or wants to handle an increasing workload, VPS hosting will ensure that it can scale.

2. Dedicated Resources

VPS hosting offers users a dedicated resource allocation and flexibility to select disk space, storage, data transfer, processing speed, and RAM.

3. Root Access

One of the most popular features of VPS hosting is that it offers root access that allows users to run different operating systems, install applications, and add services.

4. Customization of the service

A VPS server has an operating system that allows the user to install various server applications such as MySQL, Apache, and PHP.

When evaluating any hosting plan that includes VPS plans, users can bump into two options for the operating system, Windows and Linux. Choosing the right OS is the most important option when purchasing a VPS hosting plan as it represents the type of environment you would use to run applications.

Linux vs Windows Hosting: Which One is Better for You?


Linux vs Windows Hosting: Which One is Better for You?

What's Windows 10 VPS Hosting?

Windows virtual private servers are running the newest Windows operating system. They allow computer users to run a remote desktop without the need for several physical computers.

If you're planning to use Windows VPS, it's important to partner with a provider that provides high-performance capabilities. Many modern VPS companies do not have direct access to your virtual server. This means that VPS users are frequently left without customization options or control panels.

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Get yourself an efficient Windows 10 VPS for remote desktop, at the cheapest price out there. FREE Windows 10 running on NVMe SSD storage and high-speed internet.

Get yourself an efficient Windows 10 VPS for remote desktop, at the cheapest price out there. FREE Windows 10 running on NVMe SSD storage and high-speed internet.

A DDoS attack will disable your Windows server's functionality. By overloading your VPS with traffic, a DDoS attack will cause significant downtime and affect your ability to use your Windows 10 server.

If you want an efficient virtual server, it is important to have access to an SSD storage product. Solid-state (SSD) drives are much more powerful than HDD drives, which means that your server can easily access stored data when it is required.

What the Windows 10 VPS Can Offer?

what windows 10 vps can offer

If you are uncertain that Windows 10 VPS is right for you and your needs, you might not be aware of the broad range of reasons why web users are using this form of server.

• VPS Cloud Hosting

VPS hosting is one of the main uses of a Windows 10 virtual server. If you are looking to find an efficient hosting solution, a private virtual server can ensure that you have access to a pre-determined amount of storage and efficiency.

• Online Trading

If you are an online forex trader, you need 24/7 access to your trading site. By using a separate server on your machine, you will ensure that your computer is not overwhelmed with trading applications. MetaTrader users can run expert advisors and conduct automatic transactions on a 24/7 basis using an external server.

• Remote Desktop

Running a remote windows desktop is one of the most important reasons the clients have access to Windows cloud servers. You don't have to buy a new machine every time you want to run a new desktop. Windows 10 VPS hosted on virtual servers has the same key advantages. It's never been easier to set up a remote desktop for any reason.

Need a Remote Desktop?

Need a Remote Desktop?

Need a Remote Desktop?

Reliable, high-performance RDP servers with 99.95 uptime. Take your desktop on the go to all the major cities in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Reliable, high-performance RDP servers with 99.95 uptime. Take your desktop on the go to all the major cities in the US, Europe, and Asia.

• The mail Server

One of the key reasons for using a virtual Windows server is to host mail servers. Through hosting mail servers in remote data centers, companies can simultaneously retain control over a variety of email services. This is the best way to build a safe environment for your email server.

• Remote Storage

If you run a company or have a large number of personal files, it is important to have a proper backup of sensitive files. Digital Windows 10 operating systems have a secure location for storing data and accessing important information. This form of the server is excellent if you want additional assurance that your data is secure.

Why Speed is Important and What Factors Affect it the Most?

Whether you want to run some freelancing software, run a virtual office, or trade crypto, a Windows 10 VPS needs to be fast. So, how important is speed to your Windows VPS experience? Well, let’s say even the best server hardware will be no different than the worst ones if your provider doesn’t offer high-speed high-bandwidth connections.  There are also other factors that affect speed. Here is a look at some of the factors you need to watch out for:

Type of Storage

Your disk drive may seem to have absolutely nothing to do with how fast your Windows is, but it’s actually the opposite. The type of storage your server provides is a vital factor in how fast your Windows VPS server will be. The three main types of storage are HDD, SSD, and the newer NVMe drives. You have to pay attention to what type of storage is listed in your provider’s plans. Cloudzy, for example, offers ultra-fast NVMe storage for ultimate speed.


The other major factor affecting Windows VPS speed is what people usually mean when they talk about speed: bandwidth. That’s how many bits your server can move through in one second. This is written as 300 Mbps or 512 Mbps. Cloudzy, for example, offers a 1 Gbps bandwidth on all its Windows 10 VPS plans. That means your server will be ultrafast, whether you’re downloading or uploading.

🥇Best Windows 10 VPS 2023 [Top 12 List ]

Windows VPS Hosting will offer a great service of Microsoft technology at a reasonable price. Read on for the top ten Windows hosting providers you may want to check out.

1. Cloudzy

cloudzy logo
Cloudzy is proudly ranked first on our top 10 VPS providers. You will receive exceptional VPS services that use the KVM VPS technology.

It’s priced at $7.95 a month, and you’ll get 2GB of VPS RAM with easy RAID10 and free Windows SSD storage. You can pay weekly or get more significant discounts on longer terms of subscription.

You will have full access to various VNC clients. It is available at 14 convenient locations in North America, Europe, and Asia with a 7-day refund policy and 24/7 uptime with secure hardware and network connectivity.

Both Windows VPS Cloudzy servers are supplied with a fully automated Virtualizor Control Panel. You can quickly trigger an easy-to-use VPS. You can link to the server via VNC, RDP, hard reset, or load any Windows image and install your preferred version of Windows.

The advantages of Cloudzy include:

  • Cost-Efficiency

  • Geodiversity

  • Rich CPU and RAM

  • Super-Fast SSD Storage

  • Extensive Support of OS

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • DDoS Protection

  • Money-Back Guarantee

As the dignified leading VPS provider, Cloudzy takes care of its clients’ needs with cost-effective services. It presents geodiversity in three continents with 14 data center locations. That is to say, you’ll receive the fastest VPS all over the world. Thanks to its Rich CPU and RAM and super-fast SSD, you’ll always have competent resources.

With Cloudzy, bid farewell to not supporting VPS suppliers who didn’t take charge of your OS, especially the Windows version. Another great feature of Cloudzy VPS is keeping safe its clients from any viruses that may attack and down their server. Cloudzy serves you seven days money-back guarantee for a better experience.

The disadvantages of Cloudzy: Almost nothing!

Can you believe that? This top-rated provider almost doesn’t have any disadvantages! By dint of its decent caring support, your request will be examined and solved in less than an hour in case of any problem.

One surprising thing about Cloudzy is that you’re not forced to choose a limited plan, but you’re free to make your own plan, which it’s not at cost common in the VPS providing universe that makes them the most brilliant and outstanding provider ever possible.



With the price starting at $59.94, VPSWALA is one of the most expensive VPS providers that, in spite of their free SSL certificate, the dedicated resources are very limited.

The advantages of VPSWALA include:

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • Website Transfer

  • CPanel

VPSWALA offers a free SSL certificate, so you’ll no longer pay for that. Besides its website transfer and Cpanel services, another thing about them is that VPSWALLA offers a one-click installer that is useful for novice users.

However, there are many disadvantages contain:

  • Monthly Plans

  • PayPal Method Only

  • No Money-Back Guarantee

VPSWALA doesn’t support long-term plans, and you always have to select monthly plans. Plus, the only method to buy its product is to have a PayPal account, which means that you can’t buy by any other means. VPSWALA also doesn’t have any refund policy.

If you’ve got a low budget, then it’s not a good idea to test VPSWALA since they don’t have a fixed address and no exact information to trust.

3. ServerBasket


Changing our frame to India, ServerBasket presents four plans with CPU and RAM differentiation. So, if your standard is based on the amount of CPU and RAM allocation and not on storage and connectivity and other helpful features, you would like to try out ServerBasket.

The advantages of ServerBasket include:

  • CPU and RAM Allocation

  • DDoS Protection

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

They have tried to provide DDoS protection to keep your VPS safe against vicious tackles out there. However, many VPS hosting providers offer this service nowadays, both for Windows and Linux VPS. CPU and RAM allocation is a perfect feature that helps you find your favorite plans.

The disadvantages of ServerBasket contain:

  • Limited Resources

  • Restricted Plans

  • Inadequate Features

Unlike other VPS hosting providers, ServerBasket doesn’t let you experience many different assets other than CPU and RAM. Nonetheless, you may get tired of this feature in the long run when your business has reached a high peak of audience and clients.

4. CloudTechtiq


CloudTechtiq is another VPS provider in India that offers its data center in three locations, India, the United States, and Germany. CloudTechtiq is at the same level of price as VPSHALA. However, it’s a bit better than that.

The advantages of CloudTechtiq include:

  • Fast SSD

  • Rich Amount of RAM

Generally speaking, thanks to their SSD, they allow you to experience a fast service. Also, they provide you with a rich amount of RAM and support, which help you in your career.

The disadvantages of CloudTechtiq contain:

  • Very Expensive

  • Low Diversity

CloudTechtiq is pretty expensive, especially if you want to start your first business online. Low diversity is another serious issue if you’re going to experience a sufficient global work-frame.

5. Mocha Host


MochaHost is another good VPS provider that has tried to advance much variety in its plans. In MochaHost’s frame, you pay for what you get. Unlike other providers, MochaHost isn’t recommended for those who are new to the world of VPS hosting services.

The advantages of MochaHost include:

  • Cost-Effective

  • Lifetime Discount

One of the good things about them is that their plans are more cost-effective than some providers like CloudTechtiq or VPSHALA. You will also lifetime discounts and coupons for their product.

The disadvantages of MochaHost contain:

  • No Money-Back Guarantee

  • Light Traffic

Unlike any good service, there come flaws and limitations. MochaHost doesn’t support a money-back guarantee, so you can’t ask for a refund. The worst thing about MochaHost is their lack of support for heavy traffic servers. This deficiency is very annoying since most businesses have so many audiences today.

6. Oxtrys


As a good VPS provider on our list, Oxtrys stands in the sixth rank has always tried to offer different plans for their different clients. Starting prices at $19 per month has made them be among expensive VPS providers.

The advantages of Oxtrys include:

  • Fast Processor

  • SSD Storage

Oxtrys provides you with Intel® Xeon® processors that give you high performance. Using SSD storage, you’ll experience a fast transfer rate which would serve you helpful.

The disadvantages of Oxtrys contain:

  • Expensive

  • No Money-Back Guarantee

  • Few Trial Services

Oxtrys is listed among expensive providers whose prices start from $19 to $149, which many people can’t afford. No money-back guarantee policy is a negative thing in their products. Furthermore, there are only two trial services available on their website out of five products.

7. EverData


EverData is an Indian supplier that offers different VPS plans that might be useful if you discard some of your initial needs. However, they tend to provide India and USA VPS. Read the following to observe their products.

The advantages of EverData include:

  • Self-Managed VPS Hosting

  • Reasonable Price

EverData gives you full access if you know what you are going to do. Besides this service, they also their services at a reasonable price that match up with what you intend to have.

The disadvantages of EverData contain:

  • Not Enough Resources

  • Low Bandwidth

  • Low CPU

However, EverData comes with limited resources that might not fulfill your ideal response. Low bandwidth is a severe issue that starts from 200GB, so you need to pay way more money to buy your profitable bandwidth. Another remarkable issue is the low CPU that they give you, which can’t handle your exact request.

8. HostZealot


HostZealot is a price-friendly provider that allows experiencing geodiversity in nine data center locations. Besides their good management, HostZealot is ranked eighth on our list because of major problems that hurt your server.

The advantages of HostZealot include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Full Root and VNC Access

HostZealot is a cost-effective provider that lets you get rid of expensive VPS services. Besides, they allow you have full root and VNC access which is very useful.

The disadvantages of HostZealot contain:

  • CPU Deficiency

  • RAM Deficiency

Unlike their good price, there it comes with two critical insufficiencies, which are CPU and RAM deficiency. If you’re going to experience a high-performance service, then HostZealot can’t perform effectively.

9. Dotzo


Dotzo is a nice VPS hosting and dedicated server provided that tries to take care of its clients. They offer some good services that may meet your needs. They only offer the USA and the Netherlands VPS.

The advantages of Dotzo include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Money-Back Guarantee

  • Network Protection

Dotzo has a good policy of cost-effective products and also a money-back guarantee. With their network protection service, you’d no longer be concern about the attack, which may occur occasionally.

The disadvantages of Dotzo contain:

  • Additional Add-ons Expenses

  • Geodiversity

Besides good services, you need to afford additional expenses for using add-ons services like Plesk web admin, pro admin, and web host edition add-ons somehow equal to their basic VPS plan’s cost. It’s notable to say that you can’t also reach geodiversity as long as they provide only the USA and the Netherlands VPS.

10. iHostVPS


iHostVPS presents cost-efficient VPS with four data center locations in the UK, the USA, Canada, and Germany. As they say, their mission is to make cheap VPS. Nonetheless, there are some limitations that tell us why they’re ranked tenth.

The advantages of iHostVPS include:

  • Cost-Efficiency

  • DDoS Protection

They’re very low-price in terms of providing cheap VPS, and they also give you DDoS protection and a firewall to keep you safe from viruses and malware.

The disadvantages of iHostVPS contain:

  • Slow Server

  • Low SSD

  • Poor HDD

Unlike their slogan as cheap VPS, we face a slow server and low data transfer rate because of the lowest amount of SSD possible. Another case comes with the poor use of HDD, which nowadays companies spend money on SSD storage rather than HDD!

11. Kamatera


Kamatera is another best Windows VPS provider that offers servers in the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Israel, and Hong Kong. It also supports Windows 10, alongside the previous Windows OS versions. Kamatera offers advanced infrastructure. What does that mean? You can launch your server within minutes.

The advantages of Kamatera:

  • 99.95% uptime guarantee

  • Exceptionally high-end hosting available

  • Operates 13 data centers around the world

  • Highly effective security services

Kamatera is one of the best Windows VPS for Forex trading providers because they guarantee 99.95% uptime. Another cool fact about them is the wide range of server locations.

The disadvantages of Kamatera:

  • No shared hosting services available

  • Main focus is on serving enterprise-level customers

  • Daily backups aren’t free

Kamatera mainly focuses on enterprise-level customers. Meaning that if you are new to your business you may have difficulties using their services. Also, enterprise-level usually means it’s really expensive.

12. ScalaHosting

One special factor about ScalaHosting is that it let’s you customize your own Windows-based cloud VPS. Comparing to Kamatera, it’s not as flexible but does offer features Kamatera lacks. You will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The advantages of ScalaHosting:

  • Excellent server speed

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

  • Automated backups

ScalaHosting offers fast servers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That makes them one of the best Windows VPS providers. They also keep 7 copies of your website so you never have to worry about backups.

The disadvantages of ScalaHosting:

  • Only VPS plans get all-in SSD performance

  • Higher plan renewal fees

  • No website builder

The most terrible thing about ScalaHosting is that it actually costs more to renew your plan. Kind of feels like tricking you into using their servers and once you are settled and happy, they ask for more money.

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Get yourself an efficient Windows 10 VPS for remote desktop, at the cheapest price out there. FREE Windows 10 running on NVMe SSD storage and high-speed internet.

Get yourself an efficient Windows 10 VPS for remote desktop, at the cheapest price out there. FREE Windows 10 running on NVMe SSD storage and high-speed internet.


When evaluating any hosting plan that includes VPS plans, users can bump into two options for the operating system, Windows and Linux. Choosing the right OS is the most important option when purchasing a VPS hosting plan as it represents the type of environment you would use to run applications.

In action, the VPS is a server divided into smaller virtual components. Although they usually consist of a single piece of hardware, the functionality of the server is segregated for different users so that each virtual server manager has access to their storage, bandwidth, and server components.

Let Cloudzy make things easy for you. Get your own Windows VPS from Cloudzy, pay a reasonable price, take exactly what you need and scale up your resources if you need more, and get closer to the location you need from the variation of locations Cloudzy offers.


What is a Windows 10 VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual server machine, and as the name suggests, the VPS server Windows 10 is a VPS with Windows 10 operating system installed. In other words, it provides you with a VPS Windows 10 remote desktop that you’d no longer be concerned with a physical computer.

What is the Instant Windows VPS?

An instant Windows VPS is meant for its zero-delays advantages, and additionally, it’s built for reducing set-up time purposes that benefit from a Windows operating system. With an instant Windows VPS, you’d save a lot of time rather than typical hosting services.

What is the Best Windows 10 VPS?

The best Windows 10 VPS hosting brings forth excellent scalability, dedicated resources, and full root access. That is to say, a pronounced VPS server Windows 10 increases workloads on the server, flexibility for CPU, RAM, and data transfer allocations besides its full root access to allow you to use various services and installing different applications.

How to Find a Cheap Windows 10 VPS?

Thanks to our deep analysis of the top 10 Windows 10 VPS hosting above, the most prosperous Windows 10 VPS server provider is Cloudzy. It offers you the fastest and easiest to use VPS service with 24/7 caring support. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Solutions page to observe more!

Is Windows 10 Hosting Really Worth It?

Absolutely! In today’s competitive world, the Windows 10 VPS servers have a considerable utilization in running a website, business, Forex trading, and so forth. As a comparison among VPS vs shared hosting vs dedicated hosting, VPS is like having your _own_ world, whereas shared hosting is like holding a shared country, and dedicated hosting is like retaining a city.

What Windows license is suitable for a VPS instance?

Using Windows is not exactly free. While we provide a free trial, you will eventually need to get a license. The best type of license you can get for your VPS is the SPLA license. Head over to Microsoft’s SPLA website and find a monthly or yearly plan that suits


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