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best pay as you go cloud vps

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best pay as you go cloud vps
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Back in the days of the last century, a huge space was required to simply store data worth megabytes. With the advance of technology, not only has the size of storage devices shrunk and their capacity increased, but now we are witnessing the disappearance of physical storage devices from our lives. In their stead, clouds and virtual servers have risen as the pre-eminent method of storing one’s data. You can easily see this with iCloud, AWS, and Google Drive. However, clouds are more than just simple storage, with cloud servers becoming increasingly present as a more advanced replacement for legacy dedicated servers.

Cloud VPS have evolved to offer flexible server resources and are frequently paired with a progressive billing option, known as Pay-as-You-Go (PAYG). In today’s article, we will discuss top ten leading Pay as You Go VPS providers available in the market.

But before we get ahead of ourselves with a lengthy list, what is cloud VPS? How does Pay-as-You-Go work? Don’t worry; we’ll also cover the answer to these questions before getting to the list of best Pay as You Go VPS providers. This way, you’ll better understand the field’s terminology and get a better idea of what we are dealing with on a case-to-case basis. Let’s go!

What is Cloud Hosting?

Before we tackle the subject of the best Pay-as-You-Go VPS service, we should talk about what cloud VPS hosting is in the first place. Cloud VPS hosting, also known as cloud computing or cloud infrastructure, refers to the provision of virtualized computing resources over the Internet. It enables individuals and businesses to store, manage, and access data, applications, and services on remote servers instead of relying solely on local infrastructure.

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In cloud hosting, the underlying physical infrastructure is abstracted, allowing users to access computing resources on-demand and pay only for the resources they utilize. These resources include virtual machines (VMs), storage, networking capabilities, and various software services.

The critical advantage of Clouds lies in the fact that resources are tailored up or down based on their changing needs, allowing them to accommodate fluctuating demands and avoid underutilization or overprovisioning of infrastructure. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses experiencing growth or seasonal variations in traffic.

Cloud hosting also offers enhanced reliability, and its providers employ advanced infrastructure management techniques, including data replication and distributed storage, to ensure data integrity and minimize downtime. In case of hardware failures or other issues, the workload can seamlessly transition to alternative servers or data centers, providing high availability and fault tolerance. A Pay-as-You-Go cloud VPS is simply a private cloud server that uses Pay-as-You-Go as its main billing method. But what is PAYG?

What Is Pay-as-You-Go (PAYG)?

Pay-as-You-Go, shortly known as PAYG, is a billing method used in the VPS industry as a more efficient means of charging clients. In recent years, cloud server Pay-as-You-Go packages have proven more popular with the VPS user base, but why is that the case?

Well, imagine a restaurant that allows you to pay only for what you eat out of the plate, not charging you based on the standard menu pricing. That’s basically a Pay-as-You-Go cloud VPS. Only, instead of eating food, you use computing resources. Under this model, users can select virtual machines, storage, and network capabilities based on their requirements. The usage of these resources is measured accurately, ensuring that users are billed only for what they use. This approach offers scalability, enabling users to increase or decrease their resource allocation as needed without being constrained by predetermined limits.

The Pay-as-You-Go model also promotes fairness by providing transparency regarding usage and costs. Users can monitor their consumption and track the corresponding charges, enabling them to clearly understand their resource utilization and associated expenses. Now that we know exactly what cloud hosting and PAYG are, we can finally get to know the best Pay-as-You-Go VPS providers out there!

Top 10 Best Pay-as-You-Go VPS Providers in 2023

Finally, it’s time to rank the best Pay-as-You-Go VPS providers out there! We will cover 10 different options suited for different geographies and some quirky options for users with specific needs from their cloud server. With all of that said, welcome to our list of the top 10 best Pay-as-You-Go Cloud hosting providers!

1. Cloudzy

Cloudzy is a pre-eminent option for users who want to enjoy economic VPS options. Our main focus at Cloudzy is integrating our services with the advancing cloud technology. We now offer highly configurable Pay-as-You-Go Cloud servers across fifteen different locations. Cloudzy’s main advantage that qualifies it as one of the best Pay-as-You-Go VPS providers is its incredible diversity in use cases, as the server can easily be used as a game server or a website server. It is also commonly used as a sandbox for software development, data analysis, and even personal use, such as a media server. Boasting diverse locations, instant scalability, a user-friendly panel, and a 99.95% uptime guarantee, Cloudzy is one of the absolute best Pay-as-You-Go VPS options out there!

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2. MivoCloud

Known for its straightforward approach to the concept of the pay as you go cloud service, MivoCloud offers really quick deployment as part of their NVME and public cloud VPS packages. While the pay as you go option is limited to the public cloud package, the pricing makes up for this, since it is only 0.007 euros per hour. With MivoCloud you get access to 24/7 support from their technical team, advanced DDoS protection, daily backups of your precious data, SSL certificates, and if you wish to, you can become part of their beneficial affiliate program.

MivoCloud offers reliable performance and uptime rate, however the location variety is not the best, with only Romania, Moldova, USA, and Russia being covered as part of their cloud packages. But for the price, you get what is more than a reasonable offer.

3. Genesis Cloud

Genesis Cloud comes into this list rather early because of a single unique advantage that they have on the offer: the chance to run a pay as you go cloud service featuring a GPU! Almost all other VPS options on the market regardless of their configuration being cloud-based or not, or whether they have pay as you go options or not, definitely do not have all of these boons and a GPU on top. These combinations alone qualify Genesis Cloud to be on today’s list of best pay as you go cloud VPS providers. All packages come with public static IP addresses, firewall security groups based on your preferences, and they also feature secure SSH access.

Genesis Cloud packages feature the very latest of the most powerful GPUs on the market, and for this reason alone, their pricing is quite higher than the average market value, with the cheapest packages starting at $0.70 hourly rate.

4. FeldHost

With a focus on the audience based in the Central European region, FeldHost comes in with a diverse roster of cloud VPS packages, mail hosting services and traditional web hosting offers. Featuring advanced integrations for usual cloud server use cases such as GitLab hosting, and email server utilization, FeldHost is a great option for small businesses looking to establish these operations with a low budget. All services feature advanced anti-DDoS measures such as the FENIX protocol, as well as a very high uptime rate. You also get access to a 24/7 support service with your purchase.

FeldHost falls on the cheaper side of the pay as you go cloud VPS services, with prices starting at $0.12 per hour. However the lack of global reach makes FeldHost only reliable in the European region.

5. 2Cloud

2Cloud offers dedicated rental servers in the form of VPS and advanced IaaS Cloud packages. 2Cloud doesn’t stand out in a singular way compared to the best Pay-as-You-Go VPS options we mentioned. But with a mix of reliable uptime (99.95%), as well as a decent level of built-in security and a focus on minimized latency in the European region, it’s one of the better Cloud Pay-as-You-Go options that you can get for your money in the European region. 2Cloud specializes in high-load server packages.

This means that if you plan to launch a Europe-based project with a high-load data weight, you can be sure you will not suffer deployment delays when migrating or when scaling your resources up or down. Despite all the attractive qualities, 2Cloud is not really the best Pay-as-You-Go VPS if you are outside the European region.

6. Cloud4U

Towards embodying its name, Cloud4U provides the most comprehensive roster of Cloud packages on this list so far. With more than 14 years of operational history in the European and Eastern European regions, Cloud4U is famed for its supportive tech support more than anything, with fast response times and caring personnel. This is well reflected in a number of compliance certificates that they have to their name, including the ISO 9001 standard certificate for the year 2011!

Despite the overwhelming amount of diverse and comprehensive specialized packages on the offer and their great customer support, Cloud4U suffers from only three active data center locations in the Netherlands, Germany, and Turkey. This coverage, although enough for users in Eastern and Western Europe, leaves most Asian countries uncovered. Still, Cloud4U remains one of the best Pay-as-You-Go server providers in the aforementioned regions.

7. Noris Network

Based in Germany, Noris Network comes in with an incredibly diverse cloud service roster featuring SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Points packages on the offer, all of which support the pay as you go plans. With each purchase, you get access to a designated contact person who’s responsible for helping you with your service throughout all the steps. Noris Network also features advanced support for data and server migration and has in-depth documentation of their system machinations to help you understand exactly what you are getting for your money. This makes Noris Network one of the most specialized and tailored solutions for business use cases when it comes to the best pay as you go cloud options in 2023.

Once again the downside to Noris Network is the fact that their servers exclusively run in Germany, which makes them an underwhelming candidate for users outside of Europe. The pricing is also not stated openly, and you will only get a statement after consultation, due to the highly tailored nature of their service, making them somewhat inaccessible for average users.

8. Arsys

If you happen to be a user that has never worked with a VPS or Cloud solution before, Arsys is here to hold your hand through your first attempt! Arsys’ main focus and advantage lies in its simplicity. With 11 server locations to their name, diverse VPS and Cloud packages, a dedicated easy-to-use user panel, and caring customer support, there is little that a beginner user could ask for that they do not have covered.

On top of these advantages, they also have a very fast deployment rate, often getting it done in a matter of minutes. Arsys makes a great bid as one of the best Pays-as-You-Go VPS options, but their lack of scalability restricts them to beginner users!

9. Virtuozzo

Within the tech circles online, as well as among the best Pay-as-You-Go VPS lists, Vituozzo is known for its innovative server arrangement and billing methods. For starters, Virtuozzo implements advanced Cloudlet containers for users that scale their resources in real-time, ensuring an overload is impossible. Furthermore, they also employ a unique Pay-as-You-Go system known as pay per usage. To avoid confusion, they provide users with a price calculator, laying out potential costs. Virtuozzo Cloud servers have many other advantages, including public IP, external traffic, and commercial add-ons. The tech support is also instant and really helpful across the board.

Although Definitely among the best Pay-as-You-Go cloud VPS options, Vituozzo’s Achilles’ heel is their limited number of servers, with only the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia being available for now, limiting their client base to Europe and the Middle East at the moment!

10. Virtua Cloud

Originating in Europe, Virtua Cloud distinguishes itself as one of the best Pay-as-You-Go VPS providers with active server locations in China, alongside their traditional data centers in France, Germany, and Spain. This makes them an ideal choice for users in China or Southeast Asia. They offer specialized cloud plans that are generally more affordable than the industry average, starting at just $0.004 per hour and increasing based on your resource needs. Additional benefits of choosing Virtua Cloud include quick setup, features tailored for developers, customizable ISOs, defenses against DDoS attacks, and support for IPv6.

Virtua Cloud is a great choice for users who are more advanced in their Cloud server use and are based in Europe or China. However, users from other regions may experience increased latency.

Final Verdict: Best PAYG Cloud VPS for You?

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this post let’s take the highlights of the list and elaborate on why they may be the best option for you.

Out of the presented options, Cloudzy definitely takes the winner’s cake. The reasoning here is clear. It has great server location coverage, rapid deployment, caring customer support, excellent performance and security, and an excellent hourly rate. While other options on the list have their own unique niche advantages, none of them really excel across the board as much as Cloudzy. Start your Cloud computing journey with Cloudzy’s diverse and efficient cloud VPS and take a fly above the Clouds!

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In the ever-evolving landscape of Cloud computing, the realm of virtual private servers (VPS) has garnered immense popularity due to its flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Among the various options available, the best Pay-as-You-Go VPS cloud providers have emerged as a compelling choice for businesses and individuals. By understanding the intricacies of these cost-efficient cloud solutions in 2023, one can make informed decisions to meet their unique computing needs.

The allure of Pay-as-You-Go cloud VPS lies in its ability to provide on-demand resources that can be scaled up or down based on requirements, eliminating the need for hefty upfront investments. This financial flexibility has empowered businesses to optimize their operational costs while harnessing the benefits of cloud computing. By paying only for the resources utilized, organizations can adjust their infrastructure, aligning it with their fluctuating workloads and maintaining optimal efficiency.


How does Pay-as-You-Go Cloud VPS differ from traditional hosting options?

The Pay-as-You-Go model for Cloud VPS sets itself apart from conventional hosting solutions in multiple respects. For one, it provides enhanced scalability, giving you the flexibility to adjust your resources according to your requirements. Additionally, it removes the necessity for any initial financial commitment, as you’re billed hourly. Finally, this model ensures a resilient and dependable infrastructure, contributing to better availability and minimized service interruptions.

Is Pay-as-You-Go Cloud VPS suitable for small businesses or startups with limited budgets?

Certainly! Pay-as-You-Go Cloud VPS suits small businesses and startups with limited budgets. Its usage-based pricing model allows you to start with minimal resources and scale up gradually as your business grows. This eliminates the need for significant upfront investments, making it an attractive and cost-efficient option for organizations looking to maximize their financial resources.

How secure is Pay-as-You-Go Cloud VPS in 2023?

Pay-as-You-Go Cloud VPS providers prioritize security and invest heavily in implementing robust measures to protect your data. They employ encryption techniques, network isolation, firewalls, and regular security audits to safeguard your infrastructure and mitigate potential risks. It is always recommended to choose reputable providers who adhere to industry best practices and comply with data protection regulations.

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