What is Virtualizor? [VPS Control Panel]

virtualizor - vps virtualization


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virtualizor - vps virtualization
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Virtualizor is a powerful web-based VPS Control Panel. Virtualizor is the main control panel used by Cloudzy to deploy and manage VPS on servers. Although we at Cloudzy mainly use KVM for virtualization, Virtualizor supports Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, LXC, and more, besides KVM.

The Main Features of Virtualizor

what is virtualizor

As a VPS Control Panel, a Virtualizor comes with many features. It helps to create, deploy, maintain, and manage several virtual private servers on a single server. It works well, especially for VPS service providers, facilitating their work.

✅Advanced Web-based GUI

Virtualizor is a web-based control panel that comes with an advanced GUI. This web-based graphic interface is easy to work with, and most jobs will effortlessly perform by clicking buttons.

✅Ease of Deployment

Admins can utilize Virtualizor to create new VPS servers on the fly with just one click. They can start, stop, restart, and manage their VPS machines by simply clicking a button.

✅Multiple Virtualization

Virtualizor supports multiple virtualization technologies out of the box, including OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM, XenServer, Linux KVM, LXC, and OpenVZ 7 virtualization.

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✅Pre-Made OS Templates

There are various operating systems to choose from to install on a VPS and run the virtual machine with that OS. Virtualizor has made the most popular OS available as pre-made operating system templates that you can install with one click. They have pre-made Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and OpenSUSE templates.

✅Real-Time Statistics

Virtualizor and VMs provide complete statistics for nodes, including IO, Network, Disk Usage, Memory, and more.

✅Real-Time Billing

Of course, with real-time statistics comes the ability to do real-time billing. Virtualizor comes with an inbuilt hourly billing system that makes it easy for hosting companies to provide pay-as-you-go services.

✅Powerful Clustering

Virtualizor makes it possible to manage hundreds of nodes from a single server. You can easily add or remove nodes in your Virtualizor cluster.

✅Powerful API

Since Virtualizor’s interface is a web-based GUI, they had to create a functional API layer that works behind the scenes and answers requests from the web-based control panel. Virtualizor developers have made that API available for companies and other developers who wish to work directly with the system and develop their layer of control or even similar control panel systems.

Since Virtualizor’s basic panel is web-based, it means that nearly all functions are available through their powerful API as well. Every action in Virtualizor has an API call, and you can manage anything in Virtualizor using these API calls.

Virtualizor supports various API calls in JSON, XML, and PHP serialize format. You can even use this API to integrate it into your choice of billing system. As we have said before, the real-time statistics functions can make a pay-as-you-go billing system possible.

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✅WHMCS Module

Virtualizor also maintains a WHMCS Module for the automation of Creating VPS when the client signs up. This module created by Virtualizor allows both the hosting company staff and their clients to perform fully automated VPS creation & management right from within the WHMCS system.

The functions available through this module include:

  • Create VPS (Admin Only)
  • Destroy VPS (Admin Only)
  • Suspend VPS (Admin Only)
  • Unsuspend VPS (Admin Only)
  • Start VPS
  • Stop VPS
  • Restart VPS
  • Launch VNC
  • View CPU Information
  • View RAM Information
  • View Disk Information
  • View Bandwidth Information
  • View VPS Performance
  • View VPS Processes
  • View VPS Services
  • Change Hostname
  • Change Root Password
  • Change VNC Password
  • Re-Install OS

✅Separate Logins

Virtualizor has separate User and Admin logins. Each will log in into an isolated panel, and each panel provides them with a specific control panel suite.

✅VNC Support

Virtualizor supports VNC for remote desktop control. VNC is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the RFB protocol to control a VPS remotely.

✅VPS Cloning

With Virtualizor, an admin can easily clone a VPS virtual machine and create a new complete copy instantly.

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✅Automated Backups

You can configure an automated backup schedule in Virtualizor to regularly make backup copies of your VPS machines and their data.

✅Custom OS Templates

Besides the pre-made OS templates provided by the Virtualizor team at Softaculous, it is possible to cream custom OS templates by hosting staff so that their clients can instantly create specialized virtual machines according to different VPS hosting plans that the company has defined.

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➕More Virtualizor Features

There are more features cited on the Virtualizor website that they offer on this great software:

  • WHMCS/Blesta Integration
  • No VNC and RDP
  • Easy Installation
  • Zero Setup
  • Multilingual interface
  • One-click app installation
  • VPS migration
  • Storage Management
  • IPv4/IPv6 Networking
  • VPS Domain Forwarding
  • PayPal Payments
  • Recipe Support
  • ACL User Management
  • End-user ISO Management
  • PowerDNS Management
  • Free SSL Utility

⚡Comparing Proxmox vs Virtualizor

Proxmox is a virtual environment solution based on KVM virtualization and containers. Proxmox is very powerful and easy to use if you’re looking for complete server virtualization with KVM and containers.

Proxmox offers an enterprise class, which comes with many additional features. It provides an intuitive web interface and helps optimize the use of resources while reducing hardware costs. You can virtualize even the most demanding Windows and Linux applications can be virtualized with Proxmox.

Proxmox Virtual Environment

Base OS: Debian GNU/Linux
License: AGPL, v3
Full virtualization: KVM/QEMU
OS-level virtualization: Linux Container (LXC)
Architecture: x86_64
Installation: Bare-metall ISO installer
max. RAM and CPU per host: 12TB RAM and 768 logical CPU
Free software: yes, AGPL, v3
License cost: no
Enterprise support: commercial, subscription-based
Training: yes
Bug tracker: yes

Virtualization’s admin interface is better for those who are new to VPS creation and Virtualization. It is also easier to work with than SolusVM’s interface.

Virtualizor’s support is second to none. They offer excellent support, while other choices are not as good. Some people cite Proxmox as being more stable than Virtualizor, although that may be up for debate.

Proxmox is an open-source solution with KVM and LXC. The Proxmox VE solution uses a Linux kernel based on the Debian GNU/Linux Distribution. You can inspect the source code anytime you need it and even contribute to it yourself.

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Proxmox Features


Proxmox boasts a unique multi-master design with a web-based management interface. It’s a very straightforward system allowing for an overview of all KVM guests and Linux containers. It’s easy to manage VMs from the interface, along with storage, containers, and clusters. You won’t need a separate management server with Proxmox.

Proxmox’s bridged networking model allows the VMs to share one bridge, just as if all the network cables will plug into one switch. The VE storage is also very flexible with this virtualization solution.

Proxmox Features

Clustering: yes
HA: yes
Storage: LVM, LVM-thin, iSCSI/kernel, iSCSI/libiscsi, Ceph/RBD, CephFS, ZFS over iSCSI, ZFS (local), directory, NFS, CIFS, GlusterFS
Network: Bridged-Networking, Open vSwitch
Guests: Linux, Windows, other operating systems are known to work and are community supported
Memory deduplication/sharing: yes, KSM
Firewall: built-in, cluster-wide, IPv4 and IPv6
Cloud-ready: yes
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI): yes

What is Virtualizor’s Advantage over Proxmox?

To compare Virtualizor vs Proxmox it is worth mentioning that Virtualizor’s easy control panel makes it a better choice for newbies and smaller companies compared to Proxmox. Besides being easier to work with, Virtualizor supports many more virtualization technologies than just KVM.

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Final Verdict on SolusVM vs Virtualizor Control Panel

For those who look to use KVM virtualization, SolusVM may be a well-grounded choice, Although the Virtualizor control panel has an uncomplicated interface. On the other hand, SolusVM is open source which may mean more security in its code.

SolusVM Features:

Client Features Admin Features Billing Features
Access SolusVM with one click Start/Stop/Shutdown/Reboot Client VM Sell Fixed-Size Cloud Hosting
Install VMs Start/Stop/Shutdown/Reboot VMs Get VM Usage details Sell Flexible-Size Cloud Hosting
Upgrade/Downgrade/Scale VMs

Track VM Usage: Load, Memory, Traffic

Setup/select nodes for a client to create VMs on Sell VPS Hosting
Track available resources

Create / Destroy VMs

Allow client to select node during signup Sell Reseller SolusVM Accounts
Reset root password

Enable/disable PXE option on VM

Set additional charge for using certain nodes (ie HA nodes) Charge for OS Templates
Access VM Console

Access Serial Console

Setup IP add-ons-client can purchase additional IPs Charge for additional IP Addresses
View VM Graphs

Change VM boot order

Control account lifecycle Charge for bandwidth/overages

For all other virtualization methods, Virtualizor is the obvious choice here.

⚡Comparing SolusVM vs Virtualizor

SolusVM or Solus Virtual Manager is a powerful GUI-based VPS management system. It supports Linux KVM, Xen HVM Xen Paravirtualization, and Open VZ. SolusVM allows you to manage a VPS cluster while allowing your users to do the same.

Both Virtualizor and SolusVM can integrate with WHMCS, Blesta, Hostbill, and other billing systems. Both support customization and different OS templates. Virtualizor is a newer solution compared to SolusVM, and they have many features in common.

While SolusVM may be more reliable generally, Virtualizor is more user-friendly for both admins and end clients. SolusVM provides perfect support, although this is where Virtualizor shines as well.

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SolusVM’s Advantage


SolusVM is a tested choice for virtualization. While Virtualizor has been around for a few years now, it still seems to have issues with scalability.

With SolusVM, scalability isn’t an issue. You can scale as much as needed without running into trouble. It will allow you to continually manage a VPS cluster with plenty of ease and security. If you’re using OpenVZ, SolusVM may be the better choice.

Virtualizor’s Advantages over SolusVM

Virtualizor is known for providing a very easy-to-use interface. Users of Virtualizor have reported better support from their team. Some have also said Virtualizor is much easier to set up compared to SolusVM. If you’re using KVM, Virtualizor may be a better choice. Virtualizor also supports many different virtualization methods.

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Final Verdict for SolusVM vs. Virtualizor

Both choices are fine for many users, and it does come down to personal preference between SolusVM and Virtualizor. SolusVM is cited for better scalability, while Virtualizor is more user-friendly.

Some say Virtualizor is better for KVM, and SolusVM is better for OpenVZ. Both solutions are improving with new updates regularly, and both shine brightly in the support department.

Overall, these two virtualization solutions offer very similar features. They are not super different, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Features Virtualizor Proxmox SolusVM
View CPU Information YES YES YES
Change Root Password YES YES YES
Change VNC Password YES YES YES
View RAM Information YES YES YES
View Disk Information YES YES YES
View Bandwidth Information YES YES YES
View VPS Performance YES YES YES
View VPS Processes YES YES YES
Un-suspend VPS Admin Only YES YES
Suspend VPS Admin Only YES YES
Destroy VPS Admin Only YES YES
Create VPS Admin Only YES YES
View VPS Services YES YES YES
Change Hostname YES YES YES
WHMCS/Blesta Integration YES YES YES
Easy Installation YES YES YES
Zero Setup YES YES YES
Multilingual interface YES YES YES
multi-master tools YES YES YES
One-click app installation YES YES YES
Live/Online VPS migration YES YES YES
Storage Management YES YES YES
Based on the ExtJS JavaScript framework NO YES NO
IPv4/IPv6 Networking YES YES YES
TCP/IP Configuration NO YES YES
VPS Domain Forwarding YES YES YES
Recipe Support YES YES YES
End-user ISO Management YES YES YES
ACL User Management YES YES YES
Power DNS Management YES YES YES
Free SSL Utility YES YES YES
PayPal Payments YES YES YES
KVM virtualization YES YES YES
Linux container (LXE) NO YES NO
Open-source NO YES NO
Command-line Interface NO YES YES
Running backup tasks YES YES YES
User API module support YES YES YES
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