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16 GB

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32 GB

DDR4 Memory

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High-end 3.2+ GHz

750 GB

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64 GB

DDR4 Memory

16 vCPU

High-end 3.2+ GHz

1500 GB

NVMe/SSD Storage

16 TB


Up to 10 Gbps


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Android Emulator VPS — Android Apps on Your Desktop

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Want to use Android apps on desktop? You don't necessarily need to have an Android phone to use Android-only apps; get Cloudzy's Android VPS! Our Android emulator VPS is a virtual private server that allows you to install emulator software like BlueStacks and run as many Android applications as you want. Doesn't matter if you want to test apps or just use them; Cloudzy's Android Emulator VPS, located in Chicago, gives you all the resources you need to work with your favorite Android apps!

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Best Android Emulator Software

  • bluestacks


  • KoPlayer


  • MemuPlay

    MEmu Play

  • purple


BlueStacks is the most popular and commonly-used Android emulator software. BlueStacks is perfect for playing games or running other Android apps. It allows you to run multiple apps at the same time without interruption. Cloudzy's BlueStacks VPS is a great solution for having a seamless experience with the emulator. Our BlueStacks VPS eliminates any interruptions with a high uptime and runs with a fast network connection to prevent any lags. BlueStacks requires minimum 2GB RAM and a Windows OS, so Cloudzy's BlueStacks VPS is a suitable, yet affordable, solution!

Android Apps, Anywhere, Anytime!

Get the best of everything you need to run Android apps with Cloudzy's Android VPS. Our servers are equipped with NVMe SSD storage and DDR4 RAM devices, ensuring a high-performing VPS with fast data transfer. On the other hand, we guarantee your VPS is stable and available 24/7 with 99.95% uptime. Get the most out of your Android Emulator on VPS with our 10 Gbps download and upload speed and enjoy a minimum latency network connection. Think that's it? We also offer your Windows Server 2022 pre-installed!

Why Choosing Cloudzy's Android Emulator VPS

Multi-Task Effortlessly

When starting a game session, online meeting, or webinar on your phone, you cannot leave the session until it's over. That's why a great reason to buy Android emulator VPS from Cloudzy is the multi-tasking ability. With BlueStacks, you can switch between apps at any time without losing anything. You can also run multiple games or apps at the same time. Our Android emulator VPS is a 99.95% uptime guaranteed service that will not sabotage your online activity by any server downtime.

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FAQ | Android Emulator VPS

What is an Android Emulator VPS?

An Android Emulator VPS is a virtual private server used to run Android apps on desktop. For example, BlueStacks is a well-known Android emulator and you can use it on Cloudzy's Android VPS to run your Android apps on a server that is always online.

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