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Magento VPS Hosting

Economic Magento VPS Premium Magento VPS
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Out of Stock $ 4 .95 /month
1vCPU 1GB Memory 12GB NVMe/SSD Storage 1TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Minimum Requirements $ 7 .95 /month
2vCPU 2GB Memory 30GB NVMe/SSD Storage 3TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Growing $ 14 .95 /month
2vCPU 4GB Memory 60GB NVMe/SSD Storage 5TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Best Value $ 29 .95 /month
4vCPU 8GB Memory 140GB NVMe/SSD Storage 7TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Best Performance $ 54 .95 /month
6vCPU 16GB Memory 250GB NVMe/SSD Storage 10TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Premium Strength $ 129 .00 /month
8vCPU 32GB Memory 400GB NVMe/SSD Storage 12TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Best Value $ 275 .00 /month
12vCPU 64GB Memory 800GB NVMe/SSD Storage 15TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Custom CPU Cores Custom Memory Custom NVME/SSD Storage Custom Bandwidth Custom Connection
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Start Your eCommerce Success

Looking for the best hosting to start your Magento store? Cloudzy offers optimized Magento VPS hosting plans optimized to help you make the most of your online store. Create your own eCommerce success story using our high-performance, affordable virtual servers. Our Magento VPS comes with NVMe storage, DDR4 RAMs, 1 Gbps bandwidth, and lots of other cool features:

What Is Magento VPS Hosting?

Magneto is one of the top 3 eCommerce platforms, along with wooCommerce and Shopify. Magento is also an ideal content management tool that lets you build your own eCommerce website. Unlike its competitors, Magento lets you host your own online store for maximum performance and freedom of action. At Cloudzy, we provide optimized VPS hosting so you can get the most out of your new Magento website.

Magento Advantages

From inventory management to customer database management, Magento brings an impressive array of tools to the table. Whatever your vision of an ideal store is, Magento has the tools to make it happen.
Create eye-catching landing and product pages without having to code. Design pages with just a few clicks with Magento’s intuitive content management tools, including the page designer.
Magento is one of the most SEO-friendly eCommerce platforms available because it has been created with SEO in mind from the very first version.
Don’t spend big bucks starting an eCommerce website when you can put that money to better use promoting your store. With a free Magento Community Edition and the affordable but feature-rich servers of Cloudzy, you can get more done with your budget.
Magento comes with a host of incredible features that handle every aspect of your online store website, from creating product pages, categories, filters, and more.

When to Choose Magento VPS

What Our Clients Have to Say

Find the VPS Solution that Suits Your Needs

Take a look at our wide selection of VPS hosting solutions and find the one that will really synergize with your company. You can always contact us and we'll help you find the plan you need to make your business a success. Get your VPS Solution right now!

FAQ | Magento VPS

What is Magento?

Magento is an eCommerce platform that lets you design and host your online store website. Magento is also open-source and free, meaning you just need a Magento VPS hosting plan to get everything started.

Can I Self-Host Magento?

Definitely. Unlike some other eCommerce platforms, Magento can be installed and launched on any hosting of your choice. That means control over your own data and more freedom in how you run everything.

Can I Install Magento on Windows?

Unfortunately, Magento can only be installed on a Linux distro like Ubuntu or Debian. That can be a bit more challenging than installing it on Windows, but once you do, you can just deal with the Magento control panel itself.

Do you offer a free Magento VPS trial?

Not at the moment, unfortunately. With our 7-day money-back guarantee and our numerous 5-star reviews, you can rest easy choosing Cloudzy as your Magento hosting provider. There is literally zero risk.

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