CSGO Server Config – How to Setup a Counter-Strike Global Offensive Server on VPS

CSGO server config

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CSGO server config
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CSGO server config is the most searched topic these days because CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is rapidly gaining more audience and players. In case you’re not familiar with CSGO, it’s a multiplayer tactical shooting game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. If you are a gamer, you know that many games like CSGO are resource-hungry, and playing them on our personal computers wouldn’t be an ideal experience. Plus, this game is really fun when you play it with your friends, so you need to play it on a powerful server that doesn’t crash under load. The best thing to do is to set up a CSGO server, but not all systems have the requirements for this type of game. However, if you have a low-end device but want to experience the joy and thrill of CSGO, stay tuned until the end because we’ve got the perfect solution. Before we get into details about the CSGO server config, let’s review some general information.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Servers 

You can use many Counter Strike Global Offensive servers based on where you are located. However, if you use a server located near you, you can reduce latency significantly. High latency means losing your shots or, worse, ending up dead in enemy territory.
According to Github, here are the best server locations for Counter Strike Global Offensive (data centers):

Country/ Region Server Location
USA Atlanta, GA
Seattle, WA
Washington D.C
Los Angeles, CA
Seattle, WA
Oklahoma City, OK
Australia Sydney
China Guangzhou
Hong Kong
Hebei (ping only)
Shanghai (ping only)
Tianjin (ping only)
Guangzhou (ping only)
Jiaxing (ping only)
Wuhan (ping only)
Wuhan (ping only)
Europe Berlin, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Moscow, Russia
Vienna, Austria
Warsaw, Poland
India Mumbai
Japan Tokyo
Philippines Manila
South Africa Cape Town
South America Sao Paulo, Brazil
Lima, Peru
Santiago, Chile
Singapore Singapore
South Korea Seoul
United Arab Emirates Dubai

In the upcoming sections, we will cover the CSGO server config in detail, but first, let’s see if you have the necessary Counter Strike Global Offensive server requirements.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Server Requirements 

Let’s break down Counter Strike Go Server requirements by category:

  • CSGO Server CPU

Depending on how many players are using the CSGO server, you will need Intel or AMD CPUs with +2GHz. (Minimum CS GO server requirements for CPU for a maximum of 5 players is 2GHz.)

  • CSGO Server Required RAM

Each player consumes at least 150-200 MB of RAM on a CSGO server. If there are more than ten players on a server, 8 GB of RAM is needed.

  • CSGO Storage Drive

CSGO files take up to 20 GB, plus additional space for backup files. To set up CSGO server, an SSD (Solid-state Drive) is a great option because of its fast computing and processing.

  • CSGO Server Operating System

Although all major operating systems such as MacOS, Linux, and Windows support CSGO server config, it’s better to set up CSGO server on Linux for better and faster performance. (We’ll cover more details about CS GO Linux in the upcoming sections.)

  • Broadband Connection

High ping is the last thing you want when playing CSGO. Your CSGO server config must be on-point if you want to avoid ping fluctuations.

Counter Strike Global Offensive server requirements are pretty straightforward. Even with a low-end PC, you can enjoy CSGO anytime; we’ll tell you how later on.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Server Config 

It is time to get started on the counter strike global offensive server cfg. Here, we’ll cover the process of setup csgo server for Linux, and we’ll use the Linux game server manager.

Step 1: Login to your game server. If you’re on Linux, open your terminal and type in this command:

$ sudo ssh username@IPaddress

Game server login

After pasting the password of your server, you’ll be successfully logged in to your Virtual machine.

Step 2: Download the required dependencies of your CSGO server from the Linux game server manager web page for CSGO. Open this link and go the Dependencies section. Then, copy the first line of code and paste it into the terminal.

Copying dependencies information from Linux game server managers

After pasting the line, hit Enter and wait for the process to be over.

Installing the dependencies

Step 3: Create a new user on your server by typing the following command:

$sudo adduser csgoplayer

I named my user “csgoplayer”, you can name yours whatever you want.

After creating a new user, log into it by typing the following command:

$su csgoplayer

You’ll be asked to provide the user’s password.

Log in to the new user

Then type cd to go to the new user’s home directory. 

Step 4: On the same web page, go to the Install section. Copy the second line and paste it into the terminal. This line downloads the Linux game server manager’s script.

Downlaoding Linux game server manager script

After typing this command and downloading the information, type this command to install csgo server and wait for the process to finish:

./csgoserver install

This process can take a while, so be patient.

Step 5: In this step, you should provide a GSLT token. On the same page, click on the link at the bottom of the page. At the end of the opened web page, there are two boxes. In the first one, type 730, which is CSGO’s game number. In the second box, type in your username, and then you can copy your GSLT token. Copy your token and paste in the terminal Window.

Step 6: Start your server by typing this command:

./csgoserver start

How to Set Up Counter-Strike GO Private Server?

In the CSGO server config section, we covered the steps to install the SteamCMD tool, which is required for creating a Counter-Strike GO private server. Once you install the SteamCMD tool, type the following command to download the necessary files for Counter-Strike GO private server:

login anonymous force_install_dir .\csgoserver app_update 740 validate quit

Next, open the CSGO server folder and create a text file named ”startserver.bat.”
Now open the file and type the following commands:

@echo off cd .\csgoserver start srcds.exe -game csgo -console -usercon +game_mode 0 +mapgroup mg_active +map de_dust2

To run the Counter Strike GO private server, double-click on the startserver.bat file.

By creating a Counter-Strike GO private server, you will be in control of the customization features, which is great for creating unique CSGO time with your friends.
Here’s how you can invite your friends to join the Counter-Strike GO private server:

  1. Open the CSGO console
  2. Type lobby_create
  3. Choose a lobby name, password, and game mode
  4. Share the looby information with your friends.

Why Should You Host a SCGO Server on a VPS?

When it comes to investing in a server, the cost-benefit ratio of buying one should make sense. Especially because cheaper options like hosting on a local PC or getting a shared hosting plan are available, people will question the necessity of hosting on a VPS. That’s why I want to break down the reasons for getting a VPS for a CSGO server to help you make a more informed decision.
Here’s a list of benefits that come with a CS GO Linux VPS:

1. Full Control Over the Server

One of the most important advantages offered by a CS GO Linux VPS is administrative-level control. This means you can tweak your server settings, add mods and plugins, etc. Having full control over your own game, VPS is like having a superpower. With such control, you can make your own unique gaming environment tailored to your taste.

2. Enhanced Server Performance

Compared to other options that you have on the table for running a CSGO server, which are shared hosting and hosting on a local PC, VPS offer exceptional advantages regarding performance. The technical resources you can get from an average VPS plan are way better than the best offerings of those other options. On a virtual counter strike go private server, you get more than enough RAM, CPU, and storage from high-end hardware resources. And this elevation of technical resources directly impacts and enhances your server’s performance. Reduced lag, smoother gameplay, and quicker response times are among the main advantages that come with a CSGo Linux VPS.

3. Security

Game servers are potential targets for attackers. However, a VPS provides an isolated environment that’s totally separated from other users, unlike shared hosting, which allows multiple users to share the same server space. However, isolation is not the only security option offered by a VPS. Most providers also include DDoS protection, which is an extra useful layer of security against hackers, thwarting any attempt to ruin your game server.

4. Reliability and Uptime

This is one of the most important features of a good counter strike go private server. You don’t want your server to crash down amid a serious gaming session. A VPS provider that guarantees at least 99.95% uptime can assure you that you’ll have an up-and-running functional server. This is highly important if you want to build a community of gamers through your server. A high level of uptime and reliability will foster player loyalty and positive word of mouth, attracting more gamers to your server and expanding your community.

5. Scalability

A VPS plan is usually highly scalable. So, if you expand your server and attract more players, you can easily scale up your resources to fit the new demand. And in the opposite scenario, if you feel your resources are excessive and you don’t need them, you can just simply scale down your server. However, if you host on a local PC or get a shared hosting plan, expanding your server and gaining more users will be challenging.

Things to Look for in a CSGO Server 

Several factors contribute to the performance quality and the experience of a game server. The most important of these factors include infrastructure, reliability, and security.

A server that’s built on top-tier modern infrastructure with great hardware resources is way less likely to crash down or disappoint in some way while playing, which leads us to the reliability of the server. When a provider promises a high uptime level and keeps its word, you can have fewer concerns about your Counter Strike GO private server and be sure that the server is up and running. Last but not least, in our list of important factors for a functional Linux CS GO server, we have security. Security is an essential aspect of any server. To keep attackers and breachers away from your server, you need to make sure that your server has enough security and protection layers.

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This blog post provided a comprehensive how-to guide for setting up a CS GO server. Aside from that, I discussed how a gaming VPS can enhance your gaming experience by offering you numerous lucrative benefits. The flexibility, control, performance, scalability, reliability, security, professional support, and cost-effectiveness make VPS hosting an excellent choice for hosting a game server like CSGO. With a VPS, you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience while maintaining full control over your server’s customization and resources.


How do I set up a CSGO server? 

The steps to set up a CSGO server are fairly easy. The first thing you need to do is download and install the dedicated server files from Steam. Once installed, configure the server settings, such as game mode, map rotation, and player limits, based on your preference. You can do this in the server configuration file. And lastly, start the server and ensure it’s accessible to players through port forwarding.

Can I run the CSGO server config on a low-end device?

Yes. You can get one of our gaming virtual private servers that are powered with NVMe SSD storage and DDR4 RAM and enjoy CSGO with zero latency.

What are Counter Strike Global Offensive Server requirements?

Here are CSGO server requirements in a nutshell:

  • Intel or AMD CPUs with +2GHz
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 20 GB of storage drive
  • Low-ping broadband connection

Can I configure and add plugins and mods on my CSGO server? 

There are lots of online resources from which you can download plugins and mods for your CSGO server. After installing the plugins, all left to do is modify the server’s configuration file to enable and configure the plugins or mods according to your preferences. Lastly, you should restart the server for the changes to take effect.

My writing is all about details. I think everyone should understand technology easily, and I try my best to make that happen.


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