The Next Chapter in Our Story has Started!

Rebranding routerhosting

Rebranding to Cloudzy

We’re starting a new journey, a new chapter in our company’s history, and we hope we can do it together with you. RouterHosting has evolved into Cloudzy. This rebranding process was triggered by our decision to improve our services and take a step toward cloud computing. RouterHosting’s rebranding into Cloudzy is happening in stages. For now, we’ve started with the renaming and the relocation of our website to Soon we will continue our rebranding by unveiling our new infrastructure. We decided to use this gradual rebranding process to soften any bumps that our users may feel from the process. We hope you’ll support us as we slowly but surely reveal our new and improved services at Cloudzy.

Cloudzy Services

If you’ve already been a customer at RouterHosting, you may wonder whether the services you’ve been using will still be available once we move to Cloudzy. So, we’d like to assure you that none of our services or plans has changed or stopped. In fact, the only changes will be under the hood and to the infrastructure. That means your favorite VPS hosting solutions, like Forex VPS or RDP Servers, are just like they were before.

Cloudzy’s Policy on Privacy and Anonymity

RouterHosting was always committed to respecting its users’ privacy. We didn’t use cookies, and we didn’t ask anyone to validate their identity. None of our privacy policies will change when RouterHosting evolves into Cloudzy. That means you can continue to count on our support in protecting your privacy.


Why are you rebranding?

What helped us decide to rebrand was the desire and power to deliver more and better services to our customers. Our upcoming product line will come with many advantages and cool features. That’s because we are upgrading our infrastructure into a more powerful base for our services.

Why Cloudzy?

We wanted a name that could reflect the new direction we are taking as we continue on our journey. We chose Cloudzy because we wanted to draw more attention to our upcoming cloud-based solutions and services we will continue to create and release in the future.

Will my VPS plan change now that you’ve gone over to

Not at all. We understand that some of our users will be worried about how the rebranding is going to affect them. To reassure everyone that there will be absolutely no changes to our services, we have decided to continue our VPS services just like they have always been.