New Update

Cloudzy’s Network Bandwidth is now PAYG!

June 10, 2023

As part of our dedication to providing hassle-free and cost-effective solutions, we are excited to announce that you can now manage your monthly network usage with our PAYG method.

In our continuous efforts to enhance our services and provide you with even greater flexibility and control over your cloud resources, we have transitioned to a more transparent and cost-effective network bandwidth pricing structure. This new Pay As You Go system allows you to easily plan your budget and manage your monthly network usage directly from your panel.

As you know, each Cloud VPS plan comes with a certain monthly Network Bandwidth. Our bandwidth PAYG method now allows users to buy extra bandwidth directly from their panel, should their planned bandwidth max out before the end of the month. The calculation works in a pay-as-you-use system where users only pay $0.01 per 1 GiB of extra bandwidth.

As a promise to always be accessible and affordable, we also offer bandwidth packages with 50% off on our $0.01 per GiB price. These packages are fairly easy to purchase with the PAYG method since there are no invoicing, payment, and back-and-forth emailing — the chosen amount will be directly charged to the user’s credits. With this instant system, users will never experience any network downtime due to bandwidth limitations.

We sincerely hope this new update will create a more seamless experience for our Cloud VPS users!

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